10 Categories Of Women You Should Never Get Married

4. The Flirty Woman:

Are you drawn to the woman who seems to be flirting with someone every other time? She makes all guys feel as though she is interested in them by flirting with them like a butterfly. It may be difficult to overcome a habit like that after marriage, so be cautious. You don’t want to find out that your spouse has been flirting with every man in the neighbourhood.

5. The Party Freak:

She receives invitations to and participates at every party. She is the epitome of the party girl, usually dressed in the fanciest attire. She can never turn down an invitation and looks forward to the next big get-together. Such a woman may not be the kind to become settled in a union.

6. The Spoilt-Brat:

It seems improbable that a lady who was given everything as a child and never had to work for anything would make the best wife. Remember that having children requires sacrifice, regardless of how much you might be eager to give her the lifestyle she grew up with. Marriage brings with it children. It is improbable that she would start now if she has never had to labour or make sacrifices for anything in her life.