Top 10 African Celebrities Who Are Curvaceous

7. Matilda Quaye of Ghana

A philanthropist and video vixen from Ghana, Matilda Quaye is said to have the widest hips in Ghana. Her natural silhouette is very impressive, no matter what she wears, leading some people to wonder if she’s undergone any cosmetic surgery to get such a jaw-dropping result.

8. Destiny Etiko of Nigeria

Destiny is an actress from Nigeria who loves showing off her curves and legs. Somehow, this vixen is still single, even though she’s one of the most popular actresses in Nollywood. Famous for portraying the lead role Ekemma in the movie “Idemili”, and let’s be real — Destiny’s body does give her leading lady energy!

9. Luchy Donalds of Nigeria

Luchy is a rising star in the world of Nollywood, but she’s actually been in the industry since 2006. Known not just for her mesmerizing curves but also for her beautiful eyes, this award-winning actress is always rocking the coolest look and makes people weak in the knees when she throughs on a pair of jean shorts.

10. Grace Msalame of Kenya

Grace Msalame became famous when she was only 19 years old. She became a top manager at KISS TV and content manager at Bamba TV, but this career lady isn’t just super smart and ambitious — she’s gorgeous, with a bangin’ bod. This queen is the definition of beauty and brains.

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