10 Clever Ways To Spot A Cheating Spouse

7. Night Recorder

Most mischiefs happen at night, and for the most part, you are not awake to be aware of it. Studies have shown that cheating partner has a fixed time at night when they know you are in your deepest slumber and they use that time to connect with the people they are seeing. Night Recorders are usually used to keep track of sleeping patterns and stuff related to sleeping. But it can also be used to see if your partner is getting up a particular time every night. If s/he does, then the next step is to find out what s/he does.

6. Hidden Cameras

The classic old hidden cameras can come in handy; you should try it. Get it online or go to a store to buy it. You just need to make sure that it’s a small device that can be placed somewhere out of sight but will be able to look into every corner of the room. Buy more than one camera depending on the rooms where your partner likes to spend his/her time. Get people to install it for you when your partner is not there. This can get a little tricky but not impossible to manage

5. Recording Device

You can use a recording device in the rooms where your partner tends to suddenly spend loads of time. It’s likely that they spend a lot of time talking over the phone or even over a video call. This is your best chance to catch your cheating partner redhanded by the use of a recording device.

4. Spying Software

There are tons of free as well as paid spying software available out there. They help monitor phones and computers. We recommend that you get yourself a paid one because in our personal experience as well as going by the reviews online, most free versions are crap. You can, of course, get this software online but they always come with certain minimum requirements like the size of the RAM, etc. Be sure to check these before buying.

3. GPS Tracker

Using a tracker will help to know where your partner goes. That way you can find out if there is a certain restaurant, motel, or even some resident area that he visits often. The next thing you have to do is check out the place and for the sake of evidence, take pictures if you see anything suspicious

2. Create a Fake Profile

Creating fake profiles can help you check with your partner and to catch a cheating partner. Keep an eye on your partner and also the person you think s/he is seeing. You can ever converse with them to see if they are in the habit of flirting with strangers.

1. Check Phone

This is a classic trick. The phone is the most personal gadget that a person uses almost all the time. A cheating partner takes care of his/her phone more than a non-cheating one. But be vigilant because there are going to slip. When that happens, grab the phone, quick the check the chat history, emails and Google search history. Found something? Time to confront your partner.

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