7 Things You Should Not Share in Relationship

Building and sustaining relationships require significant effort. Establishing clear boundaries is a crucial aspect of any relationship. Upholding these boundaries is essential to ensure that both your and your partner’s feelings and needs are respected. While some might not consider withholding certain information as setting a boundary, it can actually be beneficial. Sharing everything with your significant other may seem like a way to strengthen your bond, but there are instances where keeping certain things to yourself is advisable. Read on to find out seven things you shouldn’t share with your partner.

7 Things You Should Not Share in a Relationship

1. Physical Functions

Everyone will have gas, a bowel movement, or maybe a burp or two at some point. But when is it appropriate to begin sharing these body processes with your significant other? Some may argue that it is never appropriate to begin openly passing gas or taking a crap in front of your mate.

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